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Enermax Galaxy EGA1000EWL 1000W Power Supply
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: Enermax
Source: Coolergiant
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Enermax Galaxy EGA1000EWL 1000W Power Supply
August 29, 2006


Enermax is well known for their power supplies, and they never fail to impress with their stable voltages, innovative features, and high efficiency ratings. The Galaxy 1000W power supply is no exception. It is as close to being future proof as is currently possible. There are enough power options that you should not have a problem powering any system for years to come.

In addition to the stables voltages, the advanced features of this power supply include five 12V+ rails, power issue notification through both an LED and a buzzer, native and modular cables, active PFC, Quad GPU compatibility, Quad CPU Support, and an 85% efficiency rating. These features help to place this power supply in the most wanted list.

The Galaxy power supply has very minor issues, which will mostly be personal preference. The biggest issue I have is with the cables. The wrapping on them is perfect, however it stops at the first connector on each cable. I would like to see the wrapping continue between each of the connectors. And for those looking for a little bit of style for their high end gaming rig, perhaps an LED fan would be a nice option, too.

The other item worth keeping in mind is the size. It is larger than most 'typical' ATX units since it has to make room for extra components that allow it to provide 1000W of power. Although this can't be considered a negative feature, those with smaller/shallower cases should measure before making such a susbstantial purchase.

Speaking of making a purchase, a search of PriceGrabber shows the Enermax Galaxy 1000W power supply available online starting at $359.99. This price puts it at a lower cost than other 1000W power supplies, but it is obviously still quite an ivestment!

Given the performance and overall features, I award the Enermax Galaxy 1000W power supply the rating of "Highly Recommended".


Power issue LED and buzzer
LOTS of power connections
5 12V+ Rails
Lots of power
Quad GPU and CPU support
85% efficiency
Power for 24 hard drives


Cable wrapping not complete
BIG! Almost too big for a normal case

Special thanks to Coolergiant for providing the Enermax Galaxy EGA1000EWL 1000W Power Supply to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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