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Maxtop CSX-CM03B Mid Tower Case
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: Maxtop
Source: ArrowMax
Purchase: Arrowmax
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Maxtop CSX-CM03B Mid Tower Case
May 01, 2006

Power Supply:

Here you can see the majority of the included 350W power supply. As you can see here, none of the cables are wrapped. The main power connection is a 20/24 pin connector, so it can be used on the majority of the modern boards. Other power connections include a 4-pin ATX, and 3 leads of Molex connections. These leads are composed of the following connections: (1) 1 Molex & 1 Floppy, (2) 2 Molex, (3) 2 Molex & 1 Floppy.

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Opening the unit (which will void any warranty) by removing four screws you can see the internal components of the power supply. The layout of this power supply is very similar to others I have seen. The 80mm fan exhaust has a different design as the blade housing is rounded. You could replace this is another 80mm fan if you wanted to. Also, it should be noted that this is a plain fan, and not an LED fan.

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Installation works just like every other case. There was only one minor issue, which was quickly and easily resolved. The issue involves the top 5.25" drive bay, which uses a door to hide your optical drive. In order to install an optical drive, I had to remove the power supply. Usually I slide the drives in from the front and don't have to worry about that. Not a big deal really, just one more step to go through. As you can see there is not much extra room once you install your components. There is about 1/2" between the motherboard and the power supply. There is sufficient room to install a wider motherboard, and there is a set of tool-less mounts under the drive cages.

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The door for the optical drive works perfectly. Press the button and your drive ejects, pushing the door open. There is a bit of noise when the optical drive hits the door, and when it pushed the door down, as well as some noise when the drive goes back in. I don't particularly care for these drive doors, so I wanted to remove it. Unfortunately that wasn't possible.

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