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 Innovatek Premium XXS Water Cooling Kit - Page 2 of 5

Posted:  January 14, 2004
Author:  Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer:  Innovatek
Source:  High Speed PC

Included Features (continued):

The below left image shows the Innovatek AGB-o-Matic tank (reservoir) which is specifically designed for use with the EHEIM 1046 12v DC powered water pump shown in the below right image.  The shaft visible on the left of the pump is inserted into the hole in the side of the tank, and a press fit with two o-rings holds it together and maintains the seal.  Although I would prefer to have something that provides more of a positive seal, this design hasn’t provided any problems for me.  The pump has a 4-pin Molex connection to receive 12V DC power from your system’s power supply, which although convenient, won’t provide as much power as other pumps that use 120V AC.

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The Innovatek Single 120 mm radiator is pictured in the below left image, with the two 3/8” compression fittings pre-installed.  The radiator has a very robust design, and features a tight pattern of fins to exchange the heat in the water to the air. The shroud of the radiator will accept a 120 mm fan on either side, and one 120 mm Papst fan is provided (including finger guard). The fan is shown in the below right image, along with the balance of the hardware, including the various cpu mounts, the ATX power adaptor bypass, extra compression fittings, nuts/bolts, a sleeve of thermal paste, and a 12V to 7V adaptor for use with the fan if you want to run it at reduced speeds without the use of a rheostat.

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Also included with the kit is one 8.5 ounce bottle of InnovaProtect, an anti-corrosive fluid that is to be mixed in a 1:3 ratio with distilled water. InnovaProtect is similar to Water Wetter, and according to some accounts eliminates the foaming issue experienced with Water Wetter.

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In addition to the components included with the kit, I also received a few accessories from High Speed PC that other buyers may be interested in.  The Premium XXS kit does not include a waterblock for use on a video card gpu.  Innovatek’s newest offering, the Graph-O-Matic Rev 2.0, is pictured below and will be installed with the kit during this review. The gpu block includes thermal paste, nylon nuts and bolts for mounting, and various adaptors to allow installation on GeForce4, GeForceFX, and ATI Radeon based video cards. As seen in the below left image, 3/8” compression fittings come pre-installed, and the below right image shows that the base of the block is similar to the cpu block, and not particularly polished.

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Two other extras provided by High Speed PC are pictured below. The Senfu Super Thermometer (below left) makes taking independent temperature readings a snap, and Innovatek’s inline temperature probe (below right) allows the water temperature to be read on a device such as a DigiDoc, or a motherboard that has the necessary 2-pin connection. Unfortunately, the inline temperature probe will have to wait to be used until a later date...  when I actually have something that will accept its signal.

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Please read on to page three for more on the Innovatek XXS Water Cooling Kit.. Next

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