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 Innovatek Premium XXS Water Cooling Kit - Page 1 of 5

Posted:  January 14, 2004
Author:  Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer:  Innovatek
Source:  High Speed PC

Water cooling has gained in popularity recently as enthusiast become willing to take more extreme measures to keep their high-end computer systems cool and quiet. The players in the market have increased as well, and one of the more recognizable names in the field is Innovatek.  Innovatek is a German company that first made their mark in the computer enthusiasts market in 1999, and have continued to expand their product line to include numerous high quality components and kits for water cooling.  German companies are well known for their high standards and excellent engineering, and from their reputation, I would say Innovatek fits the bill nicely.

Included Features:

The Innovatek Premium XXS Water Cooling Kit comes in the package shown in the below left image. With an image of what appears to be Jesus on the cover, and the motto “The Gods of Coolness”, my guess is that they more than believe they fit the stereotype mentioned earlier, and offer superior products. The below right image shows a little sticker placed on the box by High Speed PC which directs you to their site for more information / installation help.  Not only does High Speed PC sell this kit, they actually support it and it’s users, which is a definite plus.

Click Image For Larger ViewClick Image For Larger View

Summarized from the High Speed PC site, the following is a list of the basic components included:

• Innovatek XX Flow Water Block (transparent color)  with mounting brackets for Socket A (462), AMD64 (754/940) and Intel P4 (478) Included!
• Innovatek Single 120 mm Radiator
• Pump: EHEIM 1046 12v DC powered water pump.
• Tank:  Innovatek AGB-o-Matic tank for EHEIM 1046/48 pumps.
• Fan: 120 mm PAPST fan.  Specs: 2400 RPM, 82.4 CFM, 38 dBA, 3.2 Watts, 3 pin
• Tubing: 6 feet of 3/8" OD (8 mm ID) vinyl tubing.
• Compression fitting for the pressure-side of the EHEIM pump.
• Three 90 degree elbow compression fittings to aid installation
• 8.5oz bottle of InnovaProtect anti-corrosion fluid
• ATX power adaptor bypass
• 120 mm fan finger guard
• Mounting hardware: 4 standard fan screws, 8 push-type plastic rivets
• 3 to 4 pin Molex power adaptor with RPM monitoring and 7v low power option  
• Anti-vibration pump feet
• Single use silicone thermal paste packet
• All Innovatek parts ship with 8mm ID (3/8" OD) Compression fittings

As seen in the below left image, the first thing you see is the six feet of tubing, and a several page installation guide.  Unfortunately, this guide is 100% in German, which makes me grateful that High Speed PC has taken the time to provide their own guides online. The six feet of vinyl tubing should provide enough length for most applications, and the 8 mm ID definitely doesn’t support the same high flows that other kits might support with 1/2” tubing.  Upon first inspection, and confirmed during installation, the soft tubing may be prone to kinks and twists if not handled with a bit of care.  But, if you pay attention during installation, it should pose no problems.

Click Image For Larger ViewClick Image For Larger View

The rest of the components are found under the installation guide (as pictured in the above right image) and will be discussed individually.

The Innovatek XX Flow water block is shown in the two images below. It features a clear plastic top, copper base, and 3/8” compression fittings are pre-installed for use with the tubing provided. The block has a very low profile, with a pattern of channels designed to create turbulence and force the water to flow all the way across the surface (water does not flow directly from one fitting to the other).  The copper base is sealed to the top with a gasket secured by 4 bolts, and the somewhat unpolished finish can be seen in the below right image

Click Image For Larger ViewClick Image For Larger View

Please read on to page two for more on the Innovatek XXS Water Cooling Kit.. Next

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