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Doctor Feelgood

PostPosted: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 12:50:51    Post Subject: Reply with quote

I spent about 99 cents and was able to fix the smell on this cooler. The manufacturer saw my comments after the review was published and said they were aware of an issue where machining oil had been used too long, gotten foul, and could have possibly stunk up the cooler.

So, I got two freezer style zipper bags and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Put the cooler in one bag and poured the whole bottle of rubbing alcohol in. Sealed it up, and then placed that inside the other zipper bag and sealed that up... Just to be sure I didn't leak on to anything. I shook it up for a while, let it sit over night, and then shook it some more.

I opened the bag and let it air dry for a while, and then gave it a sniff. Smelled fine to me. Then I re-installed it, got it all nice and warm with a CPU, and gave the air out of the fan another sniff... Still fine.

No more locker room, cab driver, road kill odors! Nice!

Evil Banana
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