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View Single Post  Topic: Win a Prize Pack of Rosewill Gear 
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PostPosted: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 22:23:32    Post Subject: Reply with quote

BeerCheeze wrote:
Jason wrote:
shay wrote:
BeerCheeze wrote:
Grats Shay... you lucky bastage!

Thanks guys and other gals. Lucky again with the tiebreaker.
(But I'm not sure if I can be a bastage by definition)

For those that didn't pick up on it, I believe the translation is:

You all just got owned by a girl... Two times!


And a girl is kicking our butts in the fantasy league too.... I think we need to put them back in the dam kitchen! Quagmire

You think Jason can pull out a FF win this week? I noticed a lot of his good players are on BYE. I smell 7-0!!! King
Meg: Everybody! Guess what I am?
Stewie: Hm, the end result of a drunken back-seat grope-fest and a broken prophylactic?

Stewie: I was under the impression the name of the show was "Kids Say the Darndest Things," not "Old Black Comedians Never Shut the Hell Up."
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