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 ViewSonic VA720 17” TFT LCD Monitor Review - Page 1 of 2

Posted:  April 01, 2003
Author:  Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer:  ViewSonic
Source:  N/A - Search PriceGrabber for Best Deal!

The popularity of flat panel monitors is on the rise, and according to a recent article in ComputerWorld, sales of LCDs will top the sales of CRTs for the first time in 2003. As the popularity has climbed, the number of choices available to consumers has increased, and the once daunting price tags have come down drastically.

Until recently, the only LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors that were affordable to the average consumer came in sizes of 15” or less. Those demanding more screen real estate, were forced to use the older technology CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors, or layout serious money on any LCD in sizes 17” and up.

Now, LCD monitors in sizes of 17”, 18”, and higher are available for prices starting under $500 US.  The ViewSonic VA720 is a high quality 17” TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD available for under $600, and can be had for much less with current rebate promotions available in the range of $100 to $200.

ViewSonic promotes the VA720 with the following:

“Sharp picture quality in a slim, stylish, design that turns your monitor into an entertainment centerpiece. You’ll get lifelike images with the high 450:1 contrast ratio, 250-nit brightness and a 1280x1024 native resolution. The ultra-thin 2.7" LCD saves desk space, while the elegant metallic-on-black look states your style. The ViewSonic VA720 will change the way you view your computer monitor.”

Photo courtesy of ViewSonic

Specs (as taken from the ViewSonic website):

The 17” display size (actual) provides a good amount of screen real estate, especially when used at the native resolution of 1280x1024.  On TFT LCD monitors, the image is controlled by tiny transistors behind the screen surface. The native resolution is a direct correlation to the number of transistors behind the screen, with one set of three transistors present for every pixel. The three separate transistors control the components of the colors red, blue, and green, which combine for the image on your screen. Meaning that a display such as the ViewSonic VA720, with a native resolution of 1280x1024, incorporates a total of 3,932,160 transistors!

The 450:1 contrast ratio is also impressive. Basically, the contrast ratio indicates the visible difference between the brightest white colors and the darkest black colors on the screen. A higher number for a contrast ratio is better, and the ViewSonic VA720 compares favorably to similar TFT LCD monitors from Samsung (400:1) and Sony (350:1).

The brightness of this monitor is 250 cd/m2, where cd/m2 is a measure of luminous intensity in candelas per square meter. A higher number for brightness is better, and the ViewSonic VA720 is comparable to the same reference monitors from Samsung (450 cd/m2) and Sony (250 cd/m2). After having used this monitor for a few weeks I can confirm that the brightness is not a problem, even though the lower number may imply that is lacking in luminous intensity. I am actually running the monitor at about 70% of the maximum brightness (using the on-screen controls), in order to produce a comfortable work environment.

Enough with the specifications and promotional verbiage, please proceed to page 2 to take a look at the actual ViewSonic VA720 in question... Next

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