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PostPosted: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 15:52:26    Post Subject: Reply with quote

And I've read a post by someone who just couldn't figure out WHY their temps went up after they "lapped" their heatsink with a 180 grit belt sander... Laughing

Anyway, TIM = stuff that makes up for imperfect heatsinks so you will have greater contact. The less TIM the better, and by lapping and polishing the heatsink you lessen the need for TIM. Metal to core contact is much better than core to TIM to heatsink contact as I'm sure you'll acknowledge.

By leaving the heatsink at a "rough" level like 800 grit, all you do is decrease the amount of metal actually touching the core, and that metal area is replaced by TIM, which isn't a very good conductor of heat compared with metal.

Soooo, the people that think a rough finish is good need to think about it a bit longer. Razz
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