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PostPosted: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 11:40:11    Post Subject: Reply with quote

heres what im getting for a response in google groups

"Your sitemap contains urls without www.

This means you may only use it when you submit the site without www
in your Webmaster Tools account."



I see some weird things going on.

Your www domain version 302 (temporary)
redirects to the non-www version of the domain.

If you wish the non-www version to be your perferred
canonicalized domain then you should be using a 301
permanent redirect. But read further...

Moving on, Your sitemap, if accessed with
the www prefix does _not_ redirect at all ???

If the domain registered in you dashboard is the
www prefixed version then there is major inconsistency.
If it isn't then there is some confusion.

Also there seems to be an x-robots implementation
where the www prefixed domain servers a HTTP response
X-Meta-Robots: noindex,nofollow

What are you trying to do with that? There is a better way.

The first thing I would do is remove the 302 temporary
redirect that seems to only work for the domain but
not the sitemap.

Then get rid of the X-Meta-Robots at least until you
are sure what is going on.

Then once you have this error fixed and the sitemaps
are working correctly then you can take measures
to canonicalize your preferred domain version using the
correct 301 implementation that works for all pages and
not just the domain name with the www prefix.

Maybe there is more besides the finicky 302 redirect
but correct that and the X-Robots first and we'll go from there.

Hope that is clear and helps,
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