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View Single Post  Topic: RaidMax X1 ATX Gaming Case 
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PostPosted: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 01:07:48    Post Subject: Reply with quote

I also just got a Sirius case by Raidmax, and I hate to say this...but I feel rather stupid...I saw the post about the 3 leads from the front of the case and what they are for (despite no info at all in the manual and the manual link on the website) but am still a bit confused on the installation of 2 of the leads in the case

there's a green/white twisted pair cable with a black connector with 3 holes (not like the power sw, reset sw and others that have 2 holes and plug into the header area)

What is this connector for and where should it go? I've tried in on the header, flipping it around both ways...and got nothing..

My motherboard doesn't seem to have a power led with 3 connectors, only a power/sleep one with 2
(I also assume that white is negative when it comes to these connectors, correct?)

There's also a set of connectors that resemble fan power connectors (pointed out as the power for a fan as well as the connection to enable the front fan gauge to work) , but are only 3 prong, confusing to me because all my fan connections on the MB are 4 prong.

Is this a mistake, or is there an adapter available for this?

Thanks, and any other help is much appreciated
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