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View Single Post  Topic: Thermaltake iXoft R15ON02 Notebook Cooling Pad 
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Doctor Feelgood

PostPosted: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 11:44:11    Post Subject: Reply with quote

Hi... Well, I know some people overclock anything, but I am of the opinion that overclocking a laptop just isn't a good idea.

That said, I have had my laptop on the iXoft since it got here. I used to keep it permanently on top of the Hiyatek cooler reviewed here, but that was more for the card reader and extra USB ports.

I think the only issue with keeping it on the iXOft full time, regardless of speed and heat from the laptop would be where the intake vents are. Mine happen to be on the back side of the cooler and exhaust on the side, but some do draw in from the bottom. The cooler isn't so soft that the laptop sinks down into it, but the dimpled profile may just happen to line up so a raised section could protrude into the intake vent area, at least partially.

For a more heavy duty set of results... I just ran Prime95 "In-Place" on the laptop and the SpeedFan reported temp for the CPU still gets 88C, but with no pad it gets to 93C. Not a big difference, but the underside of the pad stays somewhat comfortable at this temperature, while I'm not looking to roast any nuts without it.
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