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View Single Post  Topic: RedPower In Dash Radio/ DVD/ CD/ MP3 with 3.5 Inch TFT 
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PostPosted: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 17:20:22    Post Subject: Reply with quote

joethebob wrote:
Thanks for the review, someone sent me a link to what appears to be the newly rebranded version of it on geeks.

Could anyone with this unit verify a few questions for me?

1. FM response - The tuner sensitivity spec looks pretty poor at 15dbf, anyone had at least useable response from it?

2. DVD-audio - anyone tried playing a disc in this format?

3. DVD-/+R/W and MP3's - anyone tried loading a burnable dvd in any variation with mp3's yet? From the specs it seems like it should but you can never tell with iffy imports.

I was very close to building a gumstix based unit with similar specs, but this would seem to have most of what I want with a much smaller dent to my pocket than what I would need for seperate components.

I ordered the Red Power but Geeks sent me the Explosound. That should be the current one Geeks has listed. I have not tried to played a burnt DVD yet. I was going to put mp3s on a DVD but ended up using SD card instead. I will try that tonight. DVD-audio. I dont own any DVD-audio CDs though I have tried to play a DVD and it played just fine. FM acts funny depending on the part of town Im in. The signal gets crappy but Im just going to buy a $12 signal buster to fix that issue. TV seems to work great. I am going to get an antenna for it and it should be prefect. The only thing I did not like was when I put mp3 and mpeg avi files on the same SD card.. it would only show me the MP3s video files on their own card works fine. I Email Red Power and they said that this unit will play Divx, Xvid, and Ipod files.
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