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View Single Post  Topic: Transcend JetFlash 210 1GB Finger Print USB Flash Drive 
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Rated PG-13

PostPosted: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 12:23:00    Post Subject: Reply with quote

Nice review Jason, I liked how you included screenshots of the software too. It seems that in certain environments the scanner could be a useful tool to have. I had one question though. You note that you had some trouble with swiping your print on the drive. That actually has me a little concerned, because you are an experienced computer user; what if someone younger (like a kid) or an elderly person wanted to use one? How reliable are the scans - would it take a less adept user multiple tries to get it to work every time they wanted to use it?

On a related note, did you do any testing with a different fingerprint (from another person) or from a dusty glove or other device? Maybe if you have some free time you can try using your fingerprint off of materials to see if it works. That would be interesting to test out I think.

One last question. It seems like the objective of the fingerprint test is to ensure that only one user has access to the contents inside the drive. Common sense stuff. But isn't that the same thing as a password? Wouldn't it make more sense to just have the drive require a password before use, like a login screen before gaining access to Windovs XP? What advantage does the fingerprint have over a password, assuming the password can be remembered by the user?

((On a scary note, if I were to be killed by a crazed hacker looking for the contents on my flash drive, he would not gain access to it if my drive were password protected. However, he would have access to my fingerprint drive.))

Anyway, I know that is probably too many questions so I will go now. I'm writing way too much for my lunch break anyway. Have a good day.
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