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PostPosted: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 12:41:12    Post Subject: Cascade of problems, but solved Reply with quote

Thanks for the reply Smile but I managed to track down the problems, turned out to be more than one.

First the 400->266 MHz issue: The Asus A8N-E (and I assume all other mobos using nForce4) has a "4 rank limitation" (according to Kingstons site) - this mean that it only supports 400MHz up to 2GB! Use more memory and it can't go above 333MHz. (I can't seem to find this in the mobo manual or specs, but I grew tired of looking...)

That it keept the 266MHz setting when I removed the 2x512MB blocks was maybe because I didn't enter the bios. Later (after a lot of reboots) I noticed the 2x1GB blocks defaulted to 400MHz when alone.

Second problem; during all this I decided to update the bios, which apparently added some driver incompatility because I (being in a hurry - lot of reboots) forgot to update my nForce4 SATA drivers - this incompatability induced some random hanging during booting (and increased my confusion).

Finally, I had bad memory, but it wasn't the new blocks - the 2x512MB blocks (also Kingston HyperX) I have (had) was faulty! - nothing I really noticed when running - maybe a random crash now or then - but when I increased the voltage to 2.65V for the 2x1GB blocks, I must have destroyed the 2x512MB completly, because they're fried now (but still within warrenty! Smile ) - this took me some reboots to figure out, because they have been running just fine for over a year, so I (wrongly) assumed the fault was elsewhere...

In the end, the 2x1GB blocks works fine (alone!). When the bios is autodetecting they go 3-3-3-8 as in the review, but with 2.65V I could set them to 2-3-2-6 (T1). Haven't tried to overclock. But I did run Memtest86 3.2 overnight - 14 passes without errors - so I trust them now Smile

- So to sum it up for google (because it took me a while find the info, and someone else might find it useful): Running 2GB (2x1GB dual channel) Kingston HyperX KHX3200AK2/2G on an Asus A8N-E nForce4 motherboard, I'm using the following (non-overclocked, but stable) timings:
DDR voltage set to 2.65V. MHz: 400, Tcl:2, Tras:6, Trcd:3, Trp:2, Trc:11, Trfc:14, Trwt:5, Twr:3, 1T/2T Memory Timing:1T
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