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View Single Post  Topic: AVerMedia AVerTV Purity 3D MCE 500 PCI TV Tuner 
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PostPosted: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 12:09:51    Post Subject: Reply with quote

shspvr wrote:
popper you may as well forget about H.264 and Broadcom Acquires Sand Video, Inc and thoses chipset are for settop box only.
By the way popper you do know that the ViXS XCode II Series chipset dose MPEG-4 Encoding and DBL as Transcoder to.
Perason I'm dispoint with Purity 3D MCE 500, My only though is poor board design they should have remove S-Video, Composite, Left Audio, Right Audio and replace it with (2) round 9 pin round socket adaptor like A/V Output connector found on WinTV-PVR 350 by reverse it as an input and add them to the board that will give us 2 input on the PCI back panel board it self and room for IR plug as well without take up 2nd PCI slot but in any case you could do a case mods by dreaming up cool way to get around that PCI A/V bracket.

This appears to be the same TV tuner Conexant chips that are used in the Hauppauge 500

By the way this is wrong there not the same TV tuner the Hauppauge 500 is a big FAT old school Philips Tuner where the Purity 3D MCE 500 is a Xceive Silicon Tuner but it look like both card are using the same Conexant CX2584x A/V Decoder

thanks for pointing that out, its still not clear that its (XCode II)true H264 HD encoding but it looks like it can more than do that, i likes this Vaio Desktop PC and Media Server Product beats anythng iv read so far.

that ViXS XCode II chip looks the business
and been around 15 months now, i wonder why we arnt seeing more TV cards with this chip or lan options
around by now?. Wave
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