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PostPosted: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 00:27:52    Post Subject: Reply with quote

Although the outer shell is much different, I could recognize those internal appearances anywhere. It's the same base design (well, pretty similar atleast) as my MGE Quantum. They just added another 5 1/2 bay and took out the extra space on either side of the floppy bays. Same maximum of 3 hdd rack, same space between hdd rack and front, and same screwless design. But hey, this isn't a's a good design Razz If they would have kept with the similar design to mine, it would have had a top airvent, but I like the core fan that they added....reminds me of my old dell that had something very similar.

If you buy this case, I would definently recommend 2 things:
1. Put a second fan on the other side of the hdd cage pushing the air into the body of the case. One fan is sometimes enough, but the RPMs on my front fan went down 100 when i added the 2nd fan, and the hdd temps went down 2C with barely any noise increase. It can be ghetto-mounted through the screw holes on the fan with twisty ties or cable ties(preferably UV ones) Razz But hey, it works fine...
2. Because this case doesn't have a vent up top, i'd get a PSU that has a single 120mm fan blowing the air out. Makes the case ALOT cooler compared to 2-3 80mm ones.

Nice review btw. Grin
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