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PostPosted: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 12:00:00    Post Subject: Reply with quote

I didn't know they were that expensive... I'm getting the Icemat, Steelpad, and Steelpad 4D to review soon.

The biggest pain with any smooth surface like that is the bits of sand and stuff that get on it. I have my Logitech optical mouse on my desktop (which may be just as smooth as the icemat for all I know) and some second rate teflon strips on the feet.

All it takes is one little peice of crud and I have to stop, wipe the feet, blow the desk and mouse off, and wipe the desk. I have this down to an almost automatic reaction now. Laughing

There is one more downside that a lot of people probably won't experience. My dad has these super weird hands, they destroy guitar strings, and leave crud on the mousing surface (as well as the mouse), so I have to clean the desk and mouse every day or so to keep things smooth. I don't have this problem when it's just me using the mouse.

It's still worth it though, regular mouse pads aren't an option after you've used the smooth surface/teflon feet method. Smile
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