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PostPosted: Thu, 12 May 2005 20:38:58    Post Subject: Reply with quote

FOX wrote:
jake_johnson wrote:
How I did my radio for longest time.
However right now I am in process of compiling a car pc. In which I plan on having USB/Firewire jacks up front near in dash lcd.

youre going to need a laptop hdd for that that has the liquid bearing or whatever it is again... youre also going to have to find a way to secure the ram into the dimms since there is a problem w/ them popping out in the vehicles...

were working on a new system full touch screen navigation and pretty much anything you can imagine on it... the only problem is the hdd and ram sometimes.... the hdd because the vibration and bumps from the road keep killing it and the ram for some reason pops out every now and then.... not too often though... the computer idea is fun if youre showing it but not for daily use... you need special stuff so it doesnt suk

Thanks for the input. Its not first one i did. I had one in my last car. I never had that problem. I gutted my glove compartment and modified it to be large as to fit it in. Then I mounted a 6" lcd in dash with speakers connectors on left and right. Then on center console compartment when opened a fullsize keyboard was their. And for just using it whilst driving i hollowed out a smart part on top of center compartment wetwene seets and had a small one hand keyboard for scrolling songs. It ran a custom LFS (linux from scratch) dristro. Then I piped the car a/c. into it . And set it up as I drove forward it pushed air into the are where computer was. I had a lot of bends and three stages of filters that where cleaned monthly. But s#!7 It was cool. I would be in a parking lot playing warcraft or somen. This was all done in a 1973 el camino. Right now i have a 1995 Nissan XE/SE hardbody pickup truck. I am probably going to do something similar. I am just waiting on my lcd to come in. (free)

edit: i prefer solid state hdd. Their is this little device you can get to plug compact flash drives into and then use it like a normal hard drive. Then toss a bunch in a raid configuration. Cost more but works with heat better and dont brake. But then you gota deal with more wiring which creates more possibilities to go wrong.
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