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View Single Post  Topic: DirecTV or Dish Network??? 
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PostPosted: Mon, 02 May 2005 21:25:15    Post Subject: Reply with quote

tryed dish and direct -for me they sucked want back to cable .
my reason was many
1- when a storm came buy i loose signal
2 - if wind pick up i get bad signal
3 - if it snowed had to go out and shake it off the dish -or no signal .
4- tree leaves would block the signal and they were in someone else's yard
5- every so many weeks have to re-tune the dish
6- lots of channels -but mostly crap i didn't watch or lesson to (radio)
7- had to keep a land line (home phone ) to order movies and get system upgrades
8- once they sold me the unit -they turned into real a-holes and didn't seem to care -unless the bill was late - did that just so i could get there attention . (sometimes it worked )
9- equipment seem to be cheaply made (had welds break on on dish ) and used my own self tappers in to repair it so i didnt have to buy a new system at full price . (also would of been like 2 weeks before they get a repairmen out was told ) so keep a ladder handy Sad
10 - even the repair guys that came out were not happy with the companys -said were slow to reinburst them for equipment they used off there trucks . but were between a wall and hard place seeing they had to pay for what was on there trucks up front .and get a check when the billing cleared .and one did say it take him up to 120 days to see that check :(remember he is there repair agent for the area i live in and im in a major metro . area ! a sub.of detroit .
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