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PostPosted: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 22:28:20    Post Subject: Reply with quote

Well for a while I was figuring I'd end up with a Matrox Parhelia so I'd been frequenting their forums. On this page they have a list of games that officially and unofficially support surround gaming. In their forums at, people are modding the games that don't support and getting them to work. Half Life 2 is a great example. In game works great but there glitches in the intro movie. You'll find some screen shots in there. I'd link it but the boards seem to be down right now. So far, from my readings, it seems to be a matter of customizing the available resolutions. It doesn't appear to be specific to Matrox cards.

On the hardware side, I've got 2 of 3 lcds. I'll prolly get the third tomorrow as it's on sale. I've got my Ultra D & new gloss white Chieftec case. gonna bring over the 74GB Raptor and 1GB Geil Ultra from the old system. I'm holding out on the video cards to see what the 512MB 6800 Ultras are gonna cost. I'm also holding out on an FX-55 as it seems to be coming down in price. Not to mention that I think the FX-57 is just around the corner. Once I have all that plus 1 more GB of RAM and some Danger Den stuff, maybe I'll make this a dedicated gaming rig and have nothing on it but games and benching apps.

It's really hard to hold out and wait. But if don't, it'll be like last year. A super high-end rig that lasted all of two weeks. Bah!
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