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PostPosted: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 12:41:06    Post Subject: Reply with quote

~*77*~...I can't really answer your first question... I bought my enclosure so long ago I can't remember who I got it from and if they were related to Kanguru, but you're right they do look a lot alike. In fact my drive came with silver sides and blue sides, so I think they are from the same manufacturer. As for your second point...all I can say is wow! I just assumed that the crappy packaging was OEM, If I remember correctly there is a single sticker on the outside indicating what is enclosed. If this is their retail packaging that is pretty sad! It is doubtful they will move many units regardless of the performance capabilities.

As for smaller form factor drives, yes they are on their way! But I think you'd have to talk to Big Bruin to see if any are headed here for review anytime soon.
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