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PostPosted: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 16:08:06    Post Subject: Reply with quote

A CRT is far more responsive, sharper, and carries higher quality pictures than any LCD or plasma screen. It's contrast ratio is far superior. Almost instantanious response. Cheaper..

HDTV is a joke, all it is is a higher resolution picture. nothing more than that. Its the same picture that you get on analog 525x393(actual 480x372) NTSC TV, only stretched to fit higher resolutions.

HDTV signal is just a digitized mpeg stream to allow for more channels in the same given bandwidth and use higher resolutions. Yes, it may look better than typical TV, but so does Doom 3 at 1920x1440 instead of 640x480. ... Same signal different output.

Digital doesn't add or subtract to picture quality, it just allows us cable companies to stuff 12 channels into the space of a single analog's 6mhz bandwidth.
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