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PostPosted: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 14:09:10    Post Subject: Reply with quote

It's impossible to beat a CRT for black level,contrast, saturation, and color reproduction. but they have the weakness of focus/conversion problems (especially widescreen)
and are heavy.
plasma would be second, but it is expensive, subject to burn in, too bright (neon-y colors) fragile, requires expensive setup and regular service, and has a fairly short useable life. heat and eletrical demand can be a problem too (don't risk your big investment, all of these should have a big dedicated UPS, Surge kills)
a good DLP would be my choice for a good comprimise It's weakness is imperfect black level (like LCD, which reduces total contrast) and lower total brightness. (work fine for most people in a partially lit room (neither too bright or too dark)
Once you decide on a technology than the hard part is spending enough to get a quality device.

[][/url] can get you pointed in the right direction (forums are good, but ignore the "if it didn't cost $10-30K, it's not worth crap" crowd)
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