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PostPosted: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 11:15:39    Post Subject: pc power and cooling 510 atx Reply with quote

I have seen the product descriptions for the fanless PS and was wondering about how they might work in real-world conditions. I also agree that the power supply fans are actually designed to keep the PS reasonably cool, not help with CPU cooling. A good case with an exhaust fan on the rear should do that job.....you would think anyway.
I did get a reply from PC Power and Cooling Tech's and the pots can be mounted externally but at 30 bucks for each pot....90 if you want to be able to adjust all three. They send the PS with 36" wires attached to the pots and mounting is your job. They recommend drilling holes in a slot cover on the back of the computer and mount the pots. I am working on a better location for the pots, along with test points to measure the actual voltage with a DVM. Sounds expensive but they would stand behind their work.
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