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PostPosted: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 11:19:03    Post Subject: Reply with quote

just read the 510 review and I can add these rather expensive power supplies are worth the money. We (Lockheed Martin) tested several Turbo Cool 300w several years ago in our lab and found they were the best we had seen, other than custom made supplies at three times the cost. One rather nice feature of this model is the pots mounted on the inside to adjust the voltages if necessary. You can also order the 510 with the pots assessible from the outside of the case....not sure how they actually do it or how much extra that would cost. If you want absolute rock-solid stability under all conditions, this is the one to get.
My question is whether these will actually work well with the newer AMD processors since they strongly suggest a supply with the second fan on the bottom. I build only Intel systems so I have no first hand knowledge. If anyone has used one for the newer AMD motherboard systems, I would like to know how well it did.
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