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PostPosted: Sat, 08 May 2004 18:46:22    Post Subject: Reply with quote

I have used: Sprint, AT&T and Verizon personally, and used NexTel for work.

NexTel area was teh sux.... I had good luck with Sprint coverage area, but I had some problems with their service (They wanted to charge me an activation fee on a new phone becasue the one I had for 3 yrs broke.... I have been told they don't do that any more though). AT&T was ok... I think they were more expensive though. But I also have an Anti-AT&T thing so.....

The coverage area I have with Verizon seems very good. I have only had 2 problems with them. The first one I only got solved after filing a complaint with the FCC. They kept billing me for cell-to-cell min's even though they are unlimited in my plan. They gave me some credits, but never what I was expecting. At first they claimed it was a problem with their system because we ported our phone numbers from our AT&T account. After that was solved they said that we were making calls in the "extended area" which was not included in the cell-to-cell min's. That is when I filed a complaint with the FCC... and low and behold I got all the credits I was supposed to after that.

The other issue we have is dropped calls... they don't seem to do to well when we change cell sites. We had this problem both on the road between Calif and Colorado and when we we're driving around Sacramento. It doesn't happen A LOT, but enough that I noticed it. We never had that problem with AT&T or Sprint.
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