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PostPosted: Thu, 02 Mar 2017 23:59:33    Post Subject: Reply with quote

Ryzen launch day. Pored through many reviews, the tech press doesn't seem as enthusiastic as the enthusiasts. Predicatably the gamer sites are the least generous with their praise, "this isn't an i7-7700K killer" or "failed to meet our expectations." Maybe I've really been out of the loop, but AMD trading punches with high-end Intel is great news.

Somewhat underwhelmed also are the overclocking sites, their focus isn't on performance per dollar of the Ryzen7 1700 or 1700X, but on the lower headroom. Overclocking sites are coming across as dishonest the way they're not focussing on the value proposition of these new CPUs. Overclocking used to be all about value, not heavily sponsored "stars" going for world records; just some guy rigging $600 worth of stuff to perform like $1200 worth of stuff without breaking anything.

Nonetheless, I'm guessing initial Ryzen sales will be brisk, with more Intel price cuts and improvements to performance certain to follow.
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