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PostPosted: Mon, 21 May 2012 15:35:39    Post Subject: Reply with quote

I'm up to Diablo.

Modulok tanked with his monk with me on Act 3 boss, Azmodan, while I casted while trying to avoid the blood stuff that was sapping my life. lol If you're a low armor class toon you will need to avoid that blood crap that oozes everywhere.

I think I'm just gonna do some leveling, exploring, and magic/rare runs until I can buff up my wizard. I can generally melee up close with my wiz on anything less than the final bosses, but to survive Diablo I need to stay out of his reach. He traps you, then picks you up and squeezes ya, then throws you down. I lose about 3/4 of my life each time he does that. ....and you cant spam health thingys in Diablo 3. Sad
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