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PostPosted: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 12:12:10    Post Subject: Reply with quote

Ammm... no it's nothing like WoW... Other than it's can be played... and ammm a computer is one place you can play it... OOO and it uses some sort of video display device... so yeah the are almost identical! Crazy

They are adding mutli-player, but again I'm not sure what it's going to be like. I'm guessing a Team arena sort of thing based on the demo.

ME isn't for everyone, if your think is going on line and "p0wn" people then look else where. The ME series is a RPG-FPS game that allows you to take the character you create in ME1 and essientiealy play it through ME3 - it's a trilogy. You can make a new character in ME3 and based on a few questions will make some pre-determined actions for you; but to me that's pretty weak you would loose to much "history".

So if for example you let someone die in ME1, they won't be there in ME3, however because they died the world is some how different then if they were alive. If you helped someone in ME2 than they might be around in ME3 and offer to help you in some way.
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