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Rated NC-17

PostPosted: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 08:19:16    Post Subject: Reply with quote

In preparation of D3, I reinstalled D2+Hellfire and tried playing it for days on... and couldn't.

It's still a good game, but looking back on my experience, it's pretty clear how I managed to put it down (actually, got bored) after a few hours. I could sum up my recent D2 experience in a few words:

Rated R Pokemon.

Basically, once you've figured out the optimal build & optimal gear, you just run around trying to 'catch them all'. With dismembered bodies all around. Ok, that actually sounds kind of fun, and it is, but eventually you can't help but realize how pointless it is... and go back to WoW. WoW is exactly the same game, but it's much bigger, there are very frequent changes to the content and there's a LOT more interactions with other players that you can usually push that nagging feeling you are wasting all your perilously short life for no concrete results down into your subconscious.

I've looked at all the D3 previews and all I can say is that it doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for in a game. I don't want to watch a gargantuously-endowed female Demon Hunter shoot a million bolts from a single-string crossbow. That's not better graphics, on the contrary... I just want to play a competent character that has to make hard (but fun) choices to get a rewarding, emotional experience.

So far, all the previews have shown how much D3 is going to be like D2 - they've focussed on that because they want to convince the diehard D2 fans that they are doing the right thing. But I want to learn how D3 isn't like D2. Is there going to be a good plot? How open-ended is it going to be? Will there be demons stealing babies? Will you be able to not kill the naked females this time? Will there be an actual narrative that makes sense (and won't be translated in France extremely s#!7* - like all games translated there?)?

If not, I'd rather go back and play Moria or Nethack... At least you can train your pet to steal stuff, always fun. Smile

Anyways, lots of videos coming out on their site so I guess they are ramping up for a launch sometimes at the end of the year? I'm keeping my fingers crossed, who knows - Blizzard doesn't release s#!7* games. Smile
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