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PostPosted: Fri, 04 Feb 2011 23:01:19    Post Subject: Snake Byte the rattlesnake computer. Reply with quote

Hi people, been a while since I've been here. Wink

I just wanted to show everyone my newest computer build that I built for my father.

I wanted to build him a 1 of a kind computer for Christmas and this is what he got. Smile

Snake Byte
the worlds first Rattlesnake computer

To turn him on/off you press down on the part of the SSD drive sticking out of his mouth.

Mobo bay.

PSU bay.

Slot loading DVD bay.

I created "Snake Byte" the Rattlesnake computer for my father as a Christmas gift. When it is turned on there is a faint blue light from a couple of blue LED's I installed behind the hard drive to show that it is powered up. It also has a slot loading DVD drive so their is no tray that comes out.

I built Snake Byte out of the plaster bandages that are usually used for casting arms legs and such if you break or injure them. It turned out to be about 7 layers thick when finished and before painting it I coated it with a rubber coating to make it more durable.

I did the paint job half by hand with paint brushes for the shading and fine detail and half by rattle cans (pardon the pun) and finished with a couple of clear coats to protect the finish. With up close shots you can see a lot of the shading detail that was done to make the skin look real.

The entire snake body, head and rattle I made from scratch without any preset snake molds (if there is a such thing). I used the balloons that are commonly used to make balloon animals as casting bases to make the snakes body and a normal balloon pressed flat for the head. The rattle I made from scratch and though it may not seem it the snakes rattle actually has 6 different colors in it to give it a realistic look which was painted entirely by brush.

The hardest part of building Snake Byte was feeding the wires to where they all had to go from component bay to component bay as the body of the snake is only about 2 and a half inches thick. This may sound a little funny but I actually used a small plastic drain snake to snake the wires through the snake.

All in all this mod came out great and though it may look big in the pictures it is only about 27 inches tall. The specs are kinda low but it is for my father who only does light internet surfing and such. Smile

I welcome all questions and comments. Smile

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