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 PC Toys PowerMaxx 470W Power Supply Review - Page 1 of 2

Posted:  December 04, 2003
Author:  Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer:  PC Toys
Sponsor: PC Toys

PC Toys describes itself as “a driving force in PC style, performance and visual modification”, which is evident in their sizable line up of cooling products, modding supplies, and other accessories intend to keep your pc running well and looking good all at the same time.  Among this line up of products are the three power supplies in their PowerMaxx collection, which are available in 420W, 470W, and 520W models.  Up on the test bench for this review is the PC Toys PowerMaxx 470W power supply.

The PC Toys website provides these basic features for the PowerMaxx 470:

• 3 speed thermal fan control switch.
• 3 temperature controlled dual ball bearing fans.
• Universal connector fits most mainboards.
• Additional AC Output for peripheral.
• Lightweight black aluminum casing.
• Electric-shock-free protection.
• Over voltage & current protection.
• Short circuit protection.
• ATX 12V
• Low noise level.
• Reliable and easy to install.

The PowerMaxx 470 comes in the attractive retail box pictured below...

Click Image For Larger View

Inside the box you have the following, as pictured below:  the power supply, the AC power cable, an adaptor to make the psu usable on standard ATX motherboards or on server motherboards, a pack of mounting screws, some zip ties, and a brief instruction manual.

Click Image For Larger ViewClick Image For Larger View

The housing is constructed of aluminum with a sleek black finish.  I have had several power supply units over the years, with various combinations of fan sizes and quantities, but this is the first unit I have used that uses three 80 mm fans for cooling.  You have the two fans where you would normally expect (seen below), but there is also a third fan located on the housing on the side opposite the exhaust fan (not shown).  The two fans that will be located inside the case (once installed) draw in warm case air which is exhausted by the one fan on the rear of the power supply unit. I generally wouldn’t rely on a power supply to contribute significantly to cooling my case, but the additional air flow can’t hurt the cause.

Click Image For Larger ViewClick Image For Larger View

The ATX connector is wrapped in black mesh which combined with the black housing looks pretty smooth.  The images below show all of the connections provided by this power supply.  The image on the left shows the (10) 4-pin Molex power connections and (2) floppy power connections. The image on the right shows all of the other connections, including the adaptor needed for use unless you have a server-style motherboard.

Click Image For Larger ViewClick Image For Larger View

The rear of the power supply features a few familiar features, plus two that aren’t so common, but definitely welcome.  Directly above the AC power connection (as pictured below) is an AC power outlet that can be used for powering your monitor or any other essential item associated with your pc.  Definitely a nice touch, appreciated by me especially since I never seem to have enough outlets on my surge strips. The red switch between the AC power connection and the exhaust fan controls the fan speeds.  The 3 speed settings allow for high, low, and automatic. When set to automatic, the fans are thermally controlled, adjusting the fan speed to compensate for variable temperatures sensed inside the unit.  The low and auto settings create a low level of noise considering there are 3 fans running, but the high setting is practically unusable in my opinion, as it creates far too much noise for comfortable use in normal conditions.

Click Image For Larger View

After taking a look at the packaging and the power supply itself, some may see a striking resemblance to the Vantec Stealth VAN-470A.  Like many products from PC Toys, there is an identical item available from Vantec, and there is no doubt that they are off of the same manufacturing line and private labeled for sale by PC Toys.  The entire PC Toys PowerMaxx line carries the same features and specifications as the Stealth line of power supplies from Vantec.

The technical specifications for the PowerMaxx 470 are printed on the unit as well as on the side of the box. The image below shows the published specs for this unit, as well as the other two power supplies in the PowerMaxx family.  The specifications on the voltage rails look respectable for all three models...

Click Image For Larger View

Please read on to page 2 for more on the PC Toys PowerMaxx 470W Power Supply... Next

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