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Sling Media Slingbox Personal Video Broadcaster
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Sling Media
Source: Geeks.com
Purchase: Geeks.com
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Sling Media Slingbox Personal Video Broadcaster
April 10, 2006

Every once in a while a product comes along that seems to generate a buzz with ease. Sling Media's Slingbox is definitely one of those devices! The basic concept of the Slingbox doesn't seem that complicated, but it is definitely unique and offers a whole new way to enjoy two different technologies.

In case you don't yet know what I am talking about, the Slingbox allows you to watch and control your television from anywhere. The box connects to your cable TV connection (or other A/V source) and your network, and allows you to use just about any computer to watch television as if you were plopped down right in front of the tube itself.

There are a few limitation, but when I say just about "any computer" all you need is a Window's based system connected to the same network, or with an Internet connection capable of reaching the Slingbox anywhere in the world. You can watch TV on your desktop downstairs, on the wireless laptop in the back yard, or on that same laptop while travelling half-way around the world.

Although I was familiar with the Slingbox previously, it wasn't until I actually started using it that I realized all that it was capable of. This review will take a look at the basic features of the Slingbox, and a few applications that make it quite an appealing gadget.

Let's start with a look at the published data, as provided by the review's sponsor, Geeks.com...


General Features:

Enjoy your home TV programming wherever you are
The SlingRemote in the SlingPlayer software gives you full control over virtually any A/V device
Works seamlessly with your existing home theater setup and PC technologies
Supports literally thousands of devices
Easy to use and set up
Automatic device discovery and a setup wizard
Stand-alone device connects directly to a home network without depending on a dedicated host PC
Get TV on an unlimited number of PCs without the hassle and cost of adding new hardware
SlingStream optimization algorithms automatically adapt to changing network conditions
The Slingbox is powered by a high-performance digital signal processor from Texas Instruments
Signal outputs allow the Slingbox to operate in pass-through mode
S-Video, Composite, and Coax inputs accommodate a wide variety of television sources
Absolutely zero subscription fees
RJ-45 connection for network connection
Built in NTSC tuner

Input Connections:

RCA audio (L/R)
Composite video

Output Connections:

RCA audio (L/R)
Composite video
RJ-45 (for network)

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