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Pro Football Pick 'Em - Week Thirteen

Week Thirteen

This weeks prize sponsored by Maxtor:

Up for grabs is a brand new Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini 80GB External Hard Drive! More information on this item can be found in the review and on PriceGrabber.

Maxtor provides best in class external storage solutions for your every need. Whether you want a smarter office solution, need an external hard drive to safeguard your family’s precious photos, or could use additional storage space to make your projects smoother, Maxtor hard drives give you peace of mind, enhanced performance, and protection for your digital life.


» Hard Drive: 2.5-inch ATA

» Capacity: 80GB

» RPM: 5400 RPM

» Cache Buffer: 8MB

» Interface: USB 2.0 and 1.1 compliant

» Dimensions: 4.9 x .59 x 3.22 in

» The Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini is a portable hard drive weighing less than 6 ounces, making it easy to confidently carry your up-to-date portfolio and important files in your pocket, briefcase, or backpack.

Special Thanks to all Sponsors:


» 5 points per game for picking the winner
» 5 extra points (10 total) per game for picking the exact score

The winner of the contest is determined by which ever entrant has the most points at the end of all games this week. If the contest should end in a tie based on points alone, the tie breaker will be determined by which entrant has the lowest point differential. (Point differential is calculated by taking the sum of actual scores as compared to the predicted scores over the course of the week).


1. You have until kick off of each game to make your picks, once a game starts you will not be able to change your pick.
2. To play you must be a registered member of the forum.
3. One winner will be chosen based on the final score of the contest.
4. At the end of the contest, the winner must provide their shipping address, and the prize will ship out right away.
5. This contest is open to North American participants only, and shipping is included.
6. Rules subject to change.


1. Your picks aren't set in stone until game time. You can edit your predictions for any particular game as often as you want right up to kick off.
2. Once a game starts the software does not let you see your predictions. Your best bet for remembering your picks is to take a screenshot of the predictions page or to write them down.
3. Scores will be updated when available and are listed at the bottom of the game's page.
4. Monday Night Football is included, but the upcoming week's games will generally be listed beforehand. While the game and predicition pages may show an overlap during this period, the scores and standings will not get mixed up.

Please post any comments or questions in this thread!

Previous Winners and Prizes:

Week One - Modulok - Pride (practice round)
Week Two - Modulok - Glory (practice round)
Week Three - ~*77*~ - Honor (practice round)
Week Four - germ - Saitek A-200 Portable 2.1 Speakers
Week Five - kimchiman - Crucial 2GB Dual Channel Memory Kit
Week Six - browser1 - Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB USB/eSATA External Hard Drive
Week Seven - anaxolotl - ECS Elitegroup RS485M-M ATI RS485 Socket AM2 Motherboard
Week Eight - raidersforever01 - Prize Pack from OCZ Technology
Week Nine - =CDU=Above - AudioFX Pro 5+1 Headphones from Crazy PC
Week Ten - daemon - 4GB OCZ Technology DDR2 Kit from
Week Eleven - pindy - Prize Pack from CoolIT Systems
Week Twelve - djhamsterstyle - Ultra Products USB Buddy Hub
Week Thirteen - kimchiman - Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini 80GB

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