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 Enermax UC-SST8 Security Screws - Page 1 of 1

Posted:  March 30, 2004
Author:  Spire
Manufacturer:  Enermax
Source:  Maxpoint

Nosy roommate? Brother borrows your video card? LAN party on the other side of the tracks?  Well then Enermax has a solution for you.  Lock your system down with the Enermax UC-SST8 Security Screws.

Enermax has come up with a system of 2 different kinds of security screws for locking down anything that uses standard coarse threaded computer screws.

Many readers may be familiar with Enermax, but perhaps not Maxpoint.  The Maxpoint website provides an introduction that sheds some light on the relationship...  “Enermax Technology Corporation, founded in 1990, is a leading manufacture for high-end computer products in Taiwan. Maxpoint Computer, Inc. a Subsidiary of Enermax located in Southern California. Enermax itself is a symbol of excellence, a brand name that is recognized world wide and Maxpoint is here to deliver these high end products to the system house, high-end gamming system and retail & online stores.”

Click Image for a Larger ViewClick Image for a Larger View

The 16 screws come packaged like no other screws ever. Inside the clam shell-in-a-box packing is an aluminum tin with a dense foam liner.  The liner is all form fit to the contents.  You get 8 black screws, 8 golden screws, a double bladed driver insert, a screw handle, and lastly 2 color-coded screw keys. The black screws have 4 tangs and the golden ones have 3.  Better make sure you have the right key for the screws if you decide to use both.

Click Image for a Larger ViewClick Image for a Larger View

These screws are a bit more than meets the eye.  The outer collar is not attached to the drive hub in the middle.  This means that even a pair of pliers will not be able to remove the screw. The outer collar will just turn. Speaking of the collar, it is wider than regular screws and even a bit wider than some tool less thumbscrews. This makes for a nice look on the outside of the case for PSU’s, removable motherboard trays, and side covers.  The fact that the collars are wider could pose a bit of a problem when anchoring PCI devices in their slots.  The collars overhang the slot next to them by just a bit. If you tighten them down really well, both slots will be locked by one screw.  Notice in the picture below, both the black, and the golden security screw are locking down the video card.

Click Image for a Larger ViewClick Image for a Larger View

Some case designs will present an installation issue with locking PCI/AGP devices with these screws. The “angle of attack” for these screws needs to be almost perfectly perpendicular. My Coolermaster ATC’s case has a lip supporting the removable motherboard tray right above the slots.  With regular screws and a Philips screwdriver, or thumbscrews and your hand, this is not an issue. With the screwdriver included with the kit, getting the screwdriver and screw to cooperate at this angle proved to be difficult but not impossible.  Make sure to check your case designs and intended use before getting this set.

These screws will provide a huge level of security at any LAN party. They may not keep someone from lifting your entire machine, but they will keep the opportunistic pilferer from pocketing your new $500.00 Video card.  The entire package is well made, bright, shiny, flashy and well thought out.  I was able to find the Enermax UC-SST8 Security Screws at many online computer stores and the price varies from approximately $12.95 to as high as $19.95. If you view this product as just a method of attaching stuff, then the price might seem quite high. If you have a legitimate security threat or just want a piece of mind, then they could be worth 10 times the price.

For providing a truly useful product that lives up to all the expectations and then some, I give the Enermax UC-SST8 Security Screws a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Final Rating (4.5 out of 5 stars):


• Price (for security)
• Well built
• Very “High Society”
• Cheap Insurance


• Price (for attaching things)
• Attack angle
• Wide collar

Special thanks to Maxpoint for providing the Enermax UC-SST8 Security Screws to BigBruin.Com for review!

Please drop by the BigBruin.Com forum, and feel free to discuss this review!

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