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Stealth Switch Desktop Cloaking Device
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Stealth Switch
Source: Crazy PC
Purchase: Crazy PC
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Stealth Switch Desktop Cloaking Device
March 06, 2006

Have you ever fumbled with your mouse or keyboard to minimize whatever was on your screen to someone from seeing it? I see co-workers do this all the time, and they generally aren't too discreet about it, and many times they aren't even quick enough. I've even seen some dive for the monitor power button to hide the contents, all of which raises a good deal of suspicion as to just what they might have been up to.

Maybe the boss walked by as you were playing Solitaire? Perhaps the wife came downstairs while you were visiting one of 'those' sites? Or perhaps something a little less devious, and you were creating a confidential document as one of your nosy co-workers walked by. A new product called the Stealth Switch may be the solution to discreetly cloak the contents of your PC desktop without raising any suspicion by those happening by.

The Stealth Switch is the self-proclaimed "World's First Desktop Cloaking Device", and I just might take their word for it. Browsing their website provides a good deal of information about the product, an interesting multimedia demo, and some background on the company behind the product. The Contact Page indicates an Illinois street address, but shows a picture of their world headquarters which is apparently a decent sized shed located somewhere in Wisconsin. Umm... OK!?!

Before jumping into the heart of the review, let's take a look at some of the published data on the Stealth Switch taken from the Crazy PC website.


» Protect sensitive information
» Get confidential materials off your screen - FAST!
» Instant computer privacy; click once to make invisible, click again to restore
» Works with any application
» Intuitive, discreet, and fast
» East to Install
» Connects via USB or PS/2
» Includes powerful yet easy to use software for configuring the StealthSwitch.
» 6 foot long cable included


» General Offices
» Law Offices
» Home Computers
» Government Offices
» Anywhere privacy is important
» Gamers


» Hide Current Window
» Application Launcher - Start a specific application when hiding windows
» Hide All Open Windows (except specified windows)
» Autorun at system startup
» Start in system tray only
» Password protect access to restore & configuration
» Mute sound when windows is hiding
» Play distinctive sound when hiding windows
» Hide taskbar when hiding windows
» Display the StealthSwitch icon, animate the icon, or no icon
» Hide all desktop icons when hiding windows
» Timed hide- hide windows after a specified period of inactivity

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